Sell a forest

We purchase forest ownership rights throughout Latvia

If you own a forest and wish to sell it, Laskana might be the best buyer for your property. We offer a fair price, aligned with market value, and we will keep the forest in our ownership, investing in it to increase its value. Additionally, we will assist in arranging all documentation related to the transaction.

What determines the price of the forest

The price we will offer for the forest is determined by many factors.


Forest stand

The age, volume, and quality of timber in the forest stand.

Location and size

Location of the forest and it’s size determines the value


For example, does the property have any encumbrances, etc.


The possibilities to access the property.

Find out the provisional value of the forest

We will provide you with a provisional forest appraisal within 48 hours. After the forest inspection, our specialists will provide an accurate forest appraisal. Therefore, the provisional appraisal may change — either increase or decrease.

    What will happen with your forest

    If you decide to sell your forest to us, you can be assured that we will adhere to ethical, environmentally friendly, safe, and socially responsible practices in its management. Every year, ‘’Laskana’’ makes significant investments in forest maintenance and regeneration.

    We will monitor the forest.

    We conduct regular forest monitoring to promptly detect various pests that can damage tree stands and other risks that may harm the forest ecosystem.

    We will invest in forest management.

    We will restore drainage, remove undergrowth, plant new stands, or perform other activities to improve the quality of the forest.

    Our experience in forest management

    7000+ ha

    Our team manages more than 7000 ha forest land throughout Latvia.

    2+ million trees

    In 5 years, we have planted more than 2 million high - quality tree seedlings in the Latvian forests.

    FSC® certificate (LICENSE CODE FSC-C108919)

    All of ‘’Laskana’’ owned forest properties are 100% FSC® certified — that means a sustainable forest management practice.

    “Forestry is one of the most significant sectors of the Latvian economy, as well as an essential part of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is important to manage forests, regularly renew and ensure their sustainability, which our collective has been doing for more than 20 years.”

    Dainis Ozols
    Leader of the forest management departure

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