The purchase of branch chips

We purchase wood chips and branches in roadside heaps, as well as clear the forest from overgrowth, which we use for firewood production.

Chipper services

We offer wood chipping services throughout Latvia 24/7 that need to be reserved beforehand.

Purchase price of branch chips

The price depends on multiple factors.



Wood chip quality – the higher it is, better is the pricing



The higher the volume of high-quality chips, the higher our offered price for them



Location of the timber


Access and time

If there are any restrictions about access or time.

Needed documents for selling the wood chips

The confirmation of cutting

The confirmation of cutting

A copy of the forest land plan

A copy of the forest land plan

Land register certificate

Land register certificate

A copy of the forest boundary plan

A copy of the forest boundary plan

Purchasing wood chips

If you can provide transport for the chips, we are interested in purchasing them in several locations in Latvia — Iecava and Ķekava, as well as ports in Riga, Liepaja, and Roja. Before transporting the chips to Iecava or Ķekava, we invite you to contact our specialist, Vieturs Evaldsons, to arrange the precise time, volume, and price, as well as the necessary documents

Sazinieties ar mums

To inquire about purchasing branch chips roadside and their potential price, as well as for chipper services, please contact the chip production foreman, Viesturs Evaldsons.