Ship’s agency services, freightage

LSEZ “LASKANA” Ltd. ship’s agency provides not only formal composition of reports on incoming vessels, but also operatively, independently and effectively informs vessel owners, captains, and other involved services and companies about vessels entering into, staying at and coming out of port.


We work for the benefit of vessel owners and captains, offering repair services, providing the necessary machinery, grocery, water, fuel, organizing team exchange and bunkering etc.


We offer full range of ship’s agency services. We work quickly and efficiently 24/7 (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week), basing on our wide experience in working with various types of vessels. LSEZ “LASKANA” Ltd. is a central office, which manages ship’s agency services, controls activity of the whole company and provides the necessary flow of information.


LSEZ “LASKANA” Ltd. operates in Liepaja, Roja, Riga and other ports of Latvia.


Choose us and we will represent your interests!

  • Reservation of quays in ports
  • Ordering of marine pilots, mooring masters and tug-boats
  • Customs clearance for vessels entering and leaving port
  • Organization of immigration and customs control
  • Freight transportation from vessels to warehouses and vice versa
  • Team exchange in ports and when in motion
  • Organisation of vessel supply with the needed goods
  • Organisation of consumer services(supplies, filling vessels with fuel, ordinary and specific repair works, cash supply, medical help)
  • Organisation of removal of shipboard and freight wastes, waste water, ballast water polluted with oil
  • Organisation and monitoring of loading and unloading works
  • Supply of timely information to clients
  • Documentation
  • Other services according to vessel owner instructions
  • Solid experience with timber freights
  • We specialize in general freights
  • We work for the benefit of vessel owners (qualitatively and promptly)


  • for timber freights
  • for general freights
  • for bulk freights
  • for non-standard size freights
  • for heavy freights
  • etc.

LSEZ “LASKANA” Ltd. is a company, which uses individual approach for each client. You can surely trust us transportation of your freight, because we provide the most optimal delivery option. We work with internationally recognized and reliable vessel owners, freighters and brokers.